Russian Blue Cat Sitting

Today we have a new guest in our Cattery. It's Zola Bengal Cat, 5 months old. I must say I'm very impressed by this kitten! He is young age but a real brave heart one.


Ragdoll Cats Magic Blue Eyes

The eyes of the Ragdolls seem like stars and seas, and like a sapphire, it seems to be able to spy into the heart of the cat owner. When this little guy looks at you, it's as if you were imprinted in that ocean too.

First of all, as long as it is the Ragdoll, the eyes are blue. So the bluer the ragdoll's eyes, the better?

The answer is the Ragdoll! The blue pigment of the Ragdoll eye is one of the reference standards for the appearance of the Ragdoll show, and the eye color is divided into 0-6 degrees.