The eyes of the Ragdolls seem like stars and seas, and like a sapphire, it seems to be able to spy into the heart of the cat owner. When this little guy looks at you, it's as if you were imprinted in that ocean too.

First of all, as long as it is the Ragdoll, the eyes are blue. So the bluer the ragdoll's eyes, the better?

The answer is the Ragdoll! The blue pigment of the Ragdoll eye is one of the reference standards for the appearance of the Ragdoll show, and the eye color is divided into 0-6 degrees.


Traditional Ragdoll Cats

Traditional Ragdolls will always have blue eyes. The eyes may range in color from ice blue to dark navy. Large blue oval eyes are one of the defining characteristics of the breed.

The traditional six-point colors in the breed are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Point colors can be solid, lynx, tortie-lynx), and part-colored (or tortie). All Ragdolls are pointed, however, in Mitted or Bicolor the points are partially overlaid with white.

Mink Ragdoll Cats

The Mink Ragdoll goes all the way back to an early Ragdoll bloodline. Mink Ragdolls have nothing to do with the coloring of the cat’s coat. However, they often have lusher and silkier coats compared to those of the traditional variety.

Mink Ragdolls can have blue eyes but they may also have varying shades of blue-green all the way to deep aqua. It is often very difficult to determine the final eye color of Mink kittens.

Sepia Ragdoll Cats

Sepia Ragdolls are notable for their lush coats that often darken with age. They have the most varying eye color of all Ragdoll cats.

In order to see what the final eye color will be for a Sepia Ragdoll, you will have to wait until they are at least three months old. The eye colors can be shades of green, gold, aqua, brown, hazel, or blue.

Solid Ragdoll Cats

Unlike traditional Ragdolls which have pointed coats, Solid Ragdolls are all one color and do not have points. They can be the same color as traditional Ragdolls but simply are non-pointed. Their eyes can be green, copper, blue, or blue-green.

Both Solid Ragdolls and Mink Ragdolls can give birth to birth to both pointed and non-pointed Ragdoll kittens, even in the same litter. This is due to the fact that both Solid and Mink Ragdolls carry the gene for the pointed traditional Ragdolls.

But it should be noted here is:

  1. A kittens before 60 days old, it can't judge his eye pigment after he grows up. Their eyes are covered with a blue membrane and that blue membrane usually fades in 45-60 days. After that period the the true color of his eyes will apear and will never change!
  2. The color of the eyes will change according to the environment of the scene, facing the sun, the color will fade! We usually use the color of a kitten indoors as a measure of the color of his eyes!

When those deep, lovable eyes look at you, and you see the reflection in his eyes is all you, all eyes are you... so what is the reason you have to refuse a ragdoll in your arms?

Regardless of his appearance, your Ragdoll must be the best!