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Hi, we are Raphael & Linda! Welcome to Ragdoll Cats Cattery London - a blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers. Join us our my furries in our little corner of the feline-obsessed world. Facts about cats, training tips, odd behaviours, pet care advice and more! We talk as much as we can about it all here!


BREAKING NEWS! For the 1st time our Ragdoll Queen Salome [born Jun 2023] will give a birth to 5 bicolor kittens 🙂 We are all so excited here in London's Cattery. Ragdoll King Lucky [father, born May 2023] is looking after her, so many cuddling, licking and hugging between these two - lovely couple, LOVE IS IN THE AIR


Ragdoll Cats are not just pets; they're beloved members of our families, providing companionship, warmth, and joy. Ensuring the well-being of our feline friends involves more than just cuddles and playtime; it requires a thoughtful approach to their diet.

Lucky - Little Cat Story


It's a great pleasure to announce that we just released a Short Film about one of our Kitten. It's a beautiful story about little cat - Lucky. Lucky is 6 weeks old Ragdoll Kitten born In London. He is telling a story of his Name, presenting his mum, dad and uncle Al.


What You Need To Know Before Buying a Ragdoll Cat/Kitten?

There is always a question on the minds of any future ragdoll owners: ragdoll cat/kitten price.

While many people can see Ragdolls as expensive pets, from my personal point of view (as an owner and breeder), this breed is worth investment.

I can assure you that Raggies are a breed of cats normally an amiable and affectionate personality, beautiful, soft, cuddly, and loving family pets but bear in mind they are large and heavy compared to other cat breeds.

Why Ragdoll Cats Eat Grass?


Why Do Ragdoll Cats Eat Grass? A Kiki's point of view

Let me intruduce myself - I'm Kiki, Ragdoll kitten (7 months) from Raphdoll Cattery abd this article is my cat-sonal point of view. My Ragdoll parent makes sure I get all the nutrients I need by feeding me good quality cat food – and, of course, some healthy treats!

Proper Cat food should contain the right balance of water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which we get from meat and fish, vegetables, and cereals.

But despite us Ragdoll cats being obligate carnivores, you may wonder why we like to nibble on grass from our garden?

Ragdoll Kitten Kiki Video


Our new kitten arrived few weeks ago so we decided to take her (Kiki, 4 months Ragdoll) for the first outdoor walk!
So adorable, she was a bit shy and scared but slowly slowly...just take a look what we recorded. Beautiful colourful scenery and slow-motion make magic!

ragdoll cats sitting london

Today we have a new guest in our London's Cattery - beautiful Ragdoll Cat Tina. She is 2 years old and so adorable, well trained (litter), calm and very friendly. She loves our catio especially tree 🙂