Ragdoll Kittens for sale

We have a New Ragdoll Kittens For Sale in Cattery London

2024.01.01 New kittens coming!
Great news!!! One of our Ragdoll Queen - Jura [born Feb 2021] is expecting kittens again! We are all so excited here in London's Cattery. Ragdoll King Paris [father, born August 2020] is looking after her, many cuddling, licking and hugging between these two - lovely couple, LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Ragdoll Parents


FATHER: Paris [Seal Bicolor, DOB Aug 2020, TICA]


MOTHER: Jura [Seal Bicolor, DOB Feb 2021, TICA]

2024.02.14 Valentine's Day UPDATE:
What's a wonderfull news here! Today on Valentine's Day our Ragdoll Queen Jura [born Feb 2021] has given birth to a litter of 7 kittens :) Ragdoll King Paris [Fater, born August 2020] is so proud, looking after her, many cuddling, licking and hugging.


2024.02.21 1st Week UPDATE:
Kittens are very strong, beautiful and active. Jura (mother) is quite tired of constant breast-feeding but she is well looking after all kittens.
We are now taking deposits for kittens PJBx Feb 2024. One kitten is already reserved, 6 available.
If you want to secure your kitten from this litter - please contact us


2024.02.24 Litter UPDATE:
There is a 7 beautiful Angels here: 5 girls and 2 boys. All kittens strong and healthy and they are ready to open their eyes for the 1st time. All kittens ate well (breastfeeding - well done mu Jura, you've done very good job!). Another kitten (girl) is RESERVED so 3 girls and 2 boys still available.


2024.03.13 Litter UPDATE:
Four Ragdoll kittens still available (2 girls & 2 boys). They are 5 weeks now and 1st Vaccination coming.
Here is a links with available kittens: