Ragdoll Kittens Bicolor for sale

We have a New Ragdoll Kittens Bicolor For Sale in Cattery London

2024.04.25 New kittens coming!
BREAKING NEWS! For the 1st time our Ragdoll Queen Salome [born Jun 2023] will give a birth to bicolor kittens 🙂 We are all so excited here in London's Cattery. Ragdoll King Lucky [father, born May 2023] is looking after her, so many cuddling, licking and hugging between these two - lovely couple, LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Ragdoll Parents


FATHER: Lucky [Blue Bicolor, DOB May 2023, TICA]


MOTHER: Salome [Seal Bicolor, DOB Jun 2023, TICA]

2024.05.15 UPDATE:
Our Ragdoll Queen Salome just had a health check and USG scan at local Vet. Perfect health and seems like we have couple little angels! She has very good apetite, ate a lot and she is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Well done Salome 🙂


2024.06.11 UPDATE:
Salome had clean shave (special electric razor for cats to prevent skin damage) today. She has a very good apetite and growing fast! She bareilly can move, but still active 🙂 We are all very excited stay tuned.


2024.06.17 UPDATE:
What's a wonderfull news today! Our Ragdoll Queen Salome [born Jun 2023] has given birth to a litter of 6 kittens 🙂 Ragdoll Father Lucky [born May 2023] is so excited! He is looking after her and babies.


2024.06.18 Litter UPDATE:
DAY 1 for 6 Newborn Ragdoll Kittens Bicolor. They are all fine, healthy and full of energy!
Ragdoll mum is tired but she is looking after babies so well. This is her 1st Litter abd I can say is so good as a mother. Well done Salome! Here is YouTube Video Day 1:

2024.06.19 Litter UPDATE:
DAY 2. All kittens are fine, sleeping a lot. Ragdoll mum is is getting better, pee and poo normal. Here is YouTube short Video from Day 2: