Ragdoll Cats Pregnancy Information & Advice

Having kittens is a very exciting and emotional time for you and your cat. Before you can welcome bundles of fur into your home, you need to know how to tell if your cat is pregnant, and what you can do to ensure her pregnancy is as happy as possible.


Ragdoll kittens buying guidance

When buying a pedigree cat great care needs to be taken. There is a lot of very important information available that you should read when doing your research and apply this when looking for a pedigree kitten or cat. Buying a new member of the family is a very exciting time but you must research with your head and not your heart.

Please go to the GCCF website https://gccfcats.org/

There you will find advice on buying a kitten, https://gccfcats.org/getting-a-cat/

We also strongly recommend you download this DEFRA approved document as a checklist https://gccfcats.org/getting-a-cat/finding/kitten-checklist/

You will also need to check the GCCF suspension list to ensure a breeder is not listed on here. https://gccfcats.org/about-us/news-information/suspension-list/