Generally speaking clipping cat's claws is not necessary most of the time, and for outdoor cats it is not even advisable. However, this treatment is worth considering for Ragdoll Cats - as we know they stay only at home. Outdoor cats often wear their claws naturally but for indoor Ragdolls there is a higher probability that they will scratch us or damage furniture. 

How to cut Ragdoll Cat's claws? How to get your pet used to this treatment?

Cats have 5 claws on their front paws and 4 on their rear paws. At rest and while walking, the claws are retracted so that they do not rub off and maintain proper sharpness. Scratching helps to remove the old scales, from which a new pin-sharp claw emerges.

In the nature all cats is a born predator and ruthless carnivore, which is why nature has equipped it with long and sharp claws. For cats living in the wild, they are a tool for effective hunting. They also need them to defend themselves against other predators. In nature, cats scratch trees to mark their territory. However, not only the claw marks left on the tree are their business card. On the underside of their paws, our pets have scent glands, so in addition to marks on the scratched surfaces, they also leave a scent imperceptible to humans, but recognizable by other animals.

What else do cat claws do? While scratching, the animal simultaneously stretches its muscles. Cats also need claws to grab objects while playing, to get snacks from different nooks and crannies, and to maintain hygiene (scratching).

Is it necessary to trim a Ragdoll Cat's claws?
Clipping your cat nails is not a good idea for outdoor pets. In this way, we would deprive them of their greatest weapon and tool for obtaining prey. With clipped claws, the cat is less efficient, for example, when climbing a tree. Lack of success during the hunt or difficult escape from other animals would mean frustration for the cat and even endanger its life. In addition, individuals staying outdoors control the length of their claws well. Under natural conditions, they have many opportunities to wear them down.

However if you have Ragdoll - consider trimming its claws, especially if it has a habit of scratching furniture. Why do cats destroy things in the house? They want to mark their territory, stretch their muscles and take care of their claws. This is especially true of those individuals that do not have a scratching post or one scratching post is not enough for them.

Clipping Ragdoll Cat claws is also helping and protecting Us from accidental injures. And this is not about aggressive behavior that should be consulted with a veterinarian or a cat behaviorist, but about accidental scratches while playing or kneading the human body with paws during caressing.

How to look after our ragdoll's claws?
One of the basic behavioral needs of a cat is the ability to scratch and sharpen its claws, so it is worth providing it with a scratching tree or even several scratching posts (with horizontal, vertical and diagonal scratching surfaces) located in different places in the house. If this solution turns out to be insufficient and your cat continues to scratch the sofa, consider trimming his nails.

Such hygienic procedures as cutting the cats nails, cleaning the ears or washing the eyes are not the most pleasant for the animal, but if we get it used to them from a young age, they should not be a problem in the future. If we start cutting the cat claws early enough, our pet will consider it something natural. After a successful treatment, it is worth rewarding your Ragdoll with his favorite treat to smoothe his nerves and praise his patience.

How to get your Ragdoll cat used to clipping its claws?
Before you start trimming your cat's claws for the first time, you should prepare it properly:

- get your cat used to touching and stroking its paws, you can do it before bedtime or when the cat is lying down and resting;
- when your pet gets used to touching its paws, you can start pressing the pads and extending the claws slightly;

Once you gain your Ragdoll trust and have more time to look at his paws, get to know the structure and shape of cat's claws.

If the cat protests during this type of activity, it means that it needs more time to accept the touching of its paws. Reward every positive behavior and patience with a treat. Bear in mind that the cat change in behavior can last from a few days to many weeks. The younger Ragdoll - the shorter this process should be.

How to cut Ragdoll cat claws?

It is worth getting a special cat claw clipper, guillotine or scissors. Do not use scissors or human clippers because cat claws are harder than human nails and have a different shape. Tools intended for humans can cause cat's claws to split and become deformed. Also prepare your pet's favorite treats to reward his patience after the treatment.

It is best to trim the claws when the cat is sleepy, tired, or getting ready for sleep. For this, choose a quiet place that the animal knows well and stays there regularly. Nothing should disturb his peace, e.g. other animals, flying birds, insects or noises from outside. A balcony or the area around an open window will therefore not be appropriate.

How to hold a cat while trimming its claws?

Sit him on your lap and rest his back against your belly. Grab the cat's paw - firmly, but not too hard. Then start massaging the paw and pressing the pad to pull out the claw. Give him a treat when he withdraws his paw. Repeat this step several times the first time. Thanks to this, you will find out after what time you can expect it to be withdrawn.

Once you know your pet's reaction time and patience, you can start trimming its nails. Press the individual pads and cut the very tip of the claw with a decisive movement. Shorten only the transparent part where you can't see the pink center. Below the cat's nail are nerves and blood vessels - cutting them would cause pain and cause bleeding. Better to cut too little than too much.

If your cat gets impatient before you finish trimming all the nails, give him a treat. When the animal becomes completely restless, stop clipping and continue later - on the same day or the next day. Reward your cat for every positive behavior. Remember that treats should not constitute more than 10% of your pet's daily caloric needs.

This is definitely not what you can do when trimming your cat's claws:

- shout or try to punish the animal,
- forcefully cut the claws, even though the cat wants to take the paw away,
- clipping the claws of a cat that just wants to play.

How often should you trim your Ragdoll's claws?
How often you should have your cat's nails trimmed depends on how fast they grow. Some cats need their nails trimmed every 2 weeks, others every 2 months. Do it when you notice that your pet's claws have become long and sharp, they catch on the blanket, clothes and destroy objects.

And now is a time for a video 🙂 This is our youngest Ragdoll (female) Kiki and she really hates this treatment but we are still working hard to get her used to so... paws crossed!