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Ragdoll Cats Magic Blue Eyes


The eyes of the Ragdolls seem like stars and seas, and like a sapphire, it seems to be able to spy into the heart of the cat owner. When this little guy looks at you, it's as if you were imprinted in that ocean too.

First of all, as long as it is the Ragdoll, the eyes are blue. So the bluer the ragdoll's eyes, the better?

The answer is the Ragdoll! The blue pigment of the Ragdoll eye is one of the reference standards for the appearance of the Ragdoll show, and the eye color is divided into 0-6 degrees.


We welcome our new guest: Bengal Cat - Zola! Zola is male cat, 4 months old very brave and curious about everything around. Just take a look how nicelly Ragdoll & Bengal Cats playing in our cattery in London in that beautiful warm day!

Ragdoll Cat Anabelle


Today we have a new guest in our London's Cattery - beautiful Ragdoll Cat Anabelle. She is 4 years old and so adorable, well trained (litter), calm and very friendly. She loves our catio especially tree 🙂


When buying a pedigree cat great care needs to be taken. There is a lot of very important information available that you should read when doing your research and apply this when looking for a pedigree kitten or cat. Buying a new member of the family is a very exciting time but you must research with your head and not your heart.

Please go to the GCCF website https://gccfcats.org/

There you will find advice on buying a kitten, https://gccfcats.org/getting-a-cat/

We also strongly recommend you download this DEFRA approved document as a checklist https://gccfcats.org/getting-a-cat/finding/kitten-checklist/

You will also need to check the GCCF suspension list to ensure a breeder is not listed on here. https://gccfcats.org/about-us/news-information/suspension-list/

Bengal Cat Sitting


Today we have a new guest in our Cattery. It's Zola Bengal Cat, 5 months old.
I must say I'm very impressed by this kitten! He is young age but a real brave heart one.

1st Bath for Ragdoll Cat


How to Give a Cat a Bath for the 1st time?

We love water and bath (most of us 🙂 ) but the question is - do cats need baths? If your ragdoll cat really needs a bath (there is a many situation where the bath is a must), here’s how we give 1st bath for our ragdoll kitten Oscar.

Most of domestic cats & kittens do not enjoy getting wet - that is a fact.
Before I start my epic story, let’s take a look at why our domestic kitties hate water. In natural enviroment, there are many big cats that actually enjoy the water. Tigers like swimming in water, and the other bigcats too just it helps keep them cool.

Ok let's go back to our Ragdoll Cats. Oscar (male kitten) get dirty in the kitchen - yes he is so curious of everything. We decided - it's time for a 1st bath!

haha easy to say...not easy to keep him in bath during the bath.

New Ragdoll Cat Jura


...and here we go again! Abroad trip to bring our beautiful Jura!

Oh wait - you don't know what I'm talking about? So let me start from the beggining:
In March 2022 we found beautiful kittens from one of famous European Cattery in Croatia.

Few calls (including video calls) we knew that we want her here in United Kingdom.
She was so adorable 🙂 very active, cute looking - on that moment we have a plan: we want to creat our own bloodline in our cattery.

'Waiting is the hardest part' (Tom Petty Song) and were bombarding the cattery with lot of questions, photos and videos.