How to Give a Cat a Bath for the 1st time?

We love water and bath (most of us 🙂 ) but the question is - do cats need baths? If your ragdoll cat really needs a bath (there is a many situation where the bath is a must), here’s how we give 1st bath for our ragdoll kitten Oscar.

Most of domestic cats & kittens do not enjoy getting wet - that is a fact.
Before I start my epic story, let’s take a look at why our domestic kitties hate water. In natural enviroment, there are many big cats that actually enjoy the water. Tigers like swimming in water, and the other bigcats too just it helps keep them cool.

Ok let's go back to our Ragdoll Cats. Oscar (male kitten) get dirty in the kitchen - yes he is so curious of everything. We decided - it's time for a 1st bath!

haha easy to say...not easy to keep him in bath during the bath.
We were trying to keep him calm, hold him tight but he was so scarred and it was quite obvious he doesn't like water at all!

Here is a samll video we record on that day, watch and learn hihihi.

How to Give a Cat a Bath for the 1st time?

We got also smalll video of Oscar enjoying hair dryer after the bath.