Buying Ragdoll Kittens Pricing Model

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Ragdoll Cat/Kitten?

There is always a question on the minds of any future ragdoll owners: ragdoll cat/kitten price.

While many people can see Ragdolls as expensive pets, from my personal point of view (as an owner and breeder), this breed is worth investment.

I can assure you that Raggies are a breed of cats normally an amiable and affectionate personality, beautiful, soft, cuddly, and loving family pets but bear in mind they are large and heavy compared to other cat breeds.


Ragdoll Cat Anabelle

Today we have a new guest in our London's Cattery - beautiful Ragdoll Cat Anabelle. She is 4 years old and so adorable, well trained (litter), calm and very friendly. She loves our catio especially tree 🙂


Bengal Cat Sitting

Today we have a new guest in our Cattery. It's Zola Bengal Cat, 5 months old.
I must say I'm very impressed by this kitten! He is young age but a real brave heart one.


New Ragdoll Cat Jura

...and here we go again! Abroad trip to bring our beautiful Jura!

Oh wait - you don't know what I'm talking about? So let me start from the beggining:
In March 2022 we found beautiful kittens from one of famous European Cattery in Croatia.

Few calls (including video calls) we knew that we want her here in United Kingdom.
She was so adorable 🙂 very active, cute looking - on that moment we have a plan: we want to creat our own bloodline in our cattery.

'Waiting is the hardest part' (Tom Petty Song) and were bombarding the cattery with lot of questions, photos and videos.